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Tiny Rant about Teamspeak

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  • Tiny Rant about Teamspeak

    Ok, enough is enough. If you are in a TeamSpeak channel playing a game and that game is NOT what the channel says you are playing, you are wrong.

    Need a channel for a game we don't support on TS officially?
    1: Ask a GO to make one for you in the appropriate sub-section. I have done this several times.
    2: As an Admin, same as above.
    3: Make a temp channel in the appropriate sub-section.

    Need a new channel in a sub-section that we do already support for what ever reason?
    See above.

    Point is, I'm not going to get cussed out again because I hop into a channel expecting people to be playing a certain game, make a joke about no one ever actually being in that channel playing that game, and get told to go "F myself".

    Next time I see someone in a TS channel playing a game that is not what the channel states, I will move you. If you want people to know what you're playing, when I or other TS admins ask you, tell us, and we'll go out of our way to support you and give you a nice place to play.

    Also, as an aside...I'm a little sick of this coming from "some" of the WoT crowd. People saying, "We're not up there in WoT because they are too loud, or obnoxious" well...don't go somewhere else, make a new channel, ask for a new channel or stop being anti-social.

    I'm going to get tons and tons of slack and grief for this, but enough is enough.


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    Re: Tiny Rant about Teamspeak

    You'll get nothing but support from me and if I knew who had cursed you, he'd never be seen in TS again.
    Forewarned is Forearmed


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      Re: Tiny Rant about Teamspeak

      Telling someone to go f themselves is DEFINITELY not what I would expect from a TG'er
      I used to eat paint chips. Now I just drink the paint because I couldn't find a salsa that went well with the chips and they were dry =)




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