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    About the band you are fronting on your sig.

    What role do you play in the band? And the song on the myspace account.. I was told by SuperSteve a good while back that you weren't involved until recently, or something to that effect. So were you? If not, do you guys have material released anywhere? As in, more current material.

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    Re: Paging Skidmark

    It is a long story..... A good while back when I started to play guitar, my friends started a band. My buddy from like kindergarden was asked to play drums. I watched them practice a couple of times. And then jammed with them a couple of times and before I knew they gave me the boot. And it was the right thing to do. Because I sucked. Period. And about a year later they got another second guitarist and were happy with him and all, but on the second last day of the school year, he got into some serious trouble. And I mean serious. So I get a call and am asked to be a fill-in for a while until they get a new guitarist. And after a while that new guitarist is me.
    Four the last four months I have learned all their songs and wrote a new one and am writing another new as we speak. I dont play in what you hear on the internest. That was before my time, and yes we have a total of 10 songs including the new one we just finished.

    Edit: No our bassist is a bit behind thetimes of managing those accounts, but we have a six song demo thats a bit more recent.
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