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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a new start for TG CS??

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  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, a new start for TG CS??

    I have recently been playing a lot of the beta for CS:GO, and while some ****tyness is still present within the beta, updates are coming almost every day and it's starting to show some promise. It's got a newer graphics engine which will undoubtedly make tactical gameplay much, much more fun and engaging. There are more weapons also, some are absolute trash, but hey, still nice to have a couple new options there. One problem I see however is that the creators of the game have dumbed down classic maps to the point where they are extremely one-sided or just less fun to play on than the original maps, making most of the stock maps unplayable for what I see as TG:CS standards. We'd have to wait for some custom maps to come out, or make some of our own to get the most out of this game as a new addition to the TG community.

    Anybody else playing this beta btw?

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    Imma round. Ive been looking forward to this game hopeing all us would be thinking about taking it up again!!

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