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Heroes and Generals...WWII Online..redux..

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  • Heroes and Generals...WWII Online..redux..

    Hi Folks.. Anyone else in the ALPHA of Heroes and Generals.. Its a kinda a multiplayer Strategy FPS game set in WW2 Europe.. Browser based..
    I have been in the Alpha for about 2 weeks now.. The basic game play is easy to grasp.. Make a solider and jump into one of several ongoing battles. The FPS game play is a simplified Red Orchestra, graphics are passable. IT's mostly Capture the point and Hold. Maps are good sized. They are kind like instances,where the number of soldiers are based on resources setup by the overall game play.
    I get lost with the games big picture.. I think you have to spend a good chunk of change to buy squads and add them to the big map. These Squads can help fortify a town or assist in an assult. I am just not sure how this process works. But What i have been told, what you do in your battle (Say Take a point at the edge of the map before capturing the objectives) will have an impact on the BIG Game map.
    The game is Free to play, but another one where you will want to put down some $$ to really get involved in the Wars outcome.

    Sign up for an Alpha Key at
    |TG|ARMA Pathfinder where did I put my keys?

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    Peardog I'm in the alpha. We should play sometime in TS.

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