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What would you think of a competitive TD game?

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  • What would you think of a competitive TD game?

    We had the chance to partner up with an indie game developer to begin making a competitive tower defense game. Why are we here you might ask? Well we want to get involved with the communities and have them help us out by giving feedback on the game.
    That being said what is this game that I am speaking of? Well let me tell you! The game is called Always Outnumbered, it is being designed from the start to cater to a competitive experience as well as have an engaging story for those that prefer to play alone. We have a lot of features planned to make this game awesome but here is a list of some of the major ones:
    -There are waves of creeps that you must defend against like any other tower defense.
    -We didn't want to rely on a score based competition so you have the ability to modify the creep wave being sent at your opponent
    -We are making the upgrade system intuitive by using a 3 basic tower types that each can upgrade 3 different ways. (support,traps,attacking)
    -The premise is that you have to choose between beefing up your defense or offense
    To wrap this all up I will be doing my best to keep an eye on this thread to answer any questions. If you are curious about more look around for Always outnumbered game. We have a facebook and a website with more information. We even just launched a fun teaser trailer. So check it out.



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