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  • Mechwarrior Betas // Plural

    Good times bros, both Mechwarrior online, and Mechwarrior Tactics will be entering closed beta soon. Sign ups are available for both. For Mechwarrior Tactics its as easy as signing up to their forums. For Mechwarrior online its a little more involved. Go to this website, at the top look for the orange button and hit login/signup. Once done go back to the site, make sure your logged in and look for the same button. It should now say Profile/Logout, click on profile, then click on the section labeled Beta profile. Once there you need to check the box that says Activate Your Beta Profile. This will open up a text box to put in your system specs. If your confused on what you need they have a program you can download at the bottom, System Profiler that will copy the data for you and you can paste it in. Good luck to those signing up.

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    Re: Mechwarrior Betas // Plural

    Betas... Beti... Betae... Beets..?

    Thanks for posting! I'll look it up :)
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      Nice! Thanks.

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