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  • Videogame memories

    I just read a Kotaku article about the upcoming Tony Hawk HD remake that listed the soundtrack.
    Tony Hawks Pro Skater 2 was released in 2000 and me and my friend played it all the time.
    I was 15 years old and the only thing on my mind was going snowboarding and rollerblading, I sucked at skating but I loved the THPS games :)
    Now when me and my friend turned the game on, a familiar song was heard from the speakers, it was No Cigar by Millencollin.
    What made that special is that the band is from my hometown. My city has about 125k people living here and Millencollin are like the local heroes.
    The 15 year old in me thought that that was awesome, but I assured myself self that this must be a song only included in the Swedish release of the game.
    Well it turns out it it was not :)
    Have any of you heard this song?

    As I wrote this I remembered another mindblowing thing that happened when I was 11 years old playing Tekken 2 at a friend's house.
    We had just finished the arcade mode and watched the staff roll for the first time, the song had japanese lyrics with some weird whispers in the background.
    Now obviously me and my friend did not know any japanese but we freaked out when we realized that the background vocals were in swedish :)
    The lyrics are pretty unremarkable but a bit scary, it goes something like : I watch you when you sleep, your eyes, your face is so wonderful, I need you.
    The lyrics, I think, were supposed to be sweet and tender but the translation made them sound ghostly and frankly scary, my 11 year old self had a nightmare haha.

    To put it in context, when I was 11 I had a very, very limited understanding of english, I mean when me and my friends played the NES, at 6-8 years old, we memorised all the menu options, not from the text but what the options actually did.
    Suffice to say we did not beat many games back then.
    Imagine beating A Link To the Past without understanding any of the dialog except START, PAUSE and SAVE.

    Sure at 15 i knew more english but I still got all giddy when I heard that song in THPS2.

    By the way, did anyone play Doube Dribble? I remember telling my family at the dinner table that it looked photorealistic when you dunked :)

    There was no particular reason for me to post this, I just wanted to share some long forgotten memories :)
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