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Dust 514 E3 2012 Beta Video

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  • [VIDEO] Dust 514 E3 2012 Beta Video

    Have you ever wanted to a play a shooter where each mission had meaning, where everything you did was part of a greater whole? Have you ever wanted to play a shooter that had real loss, real persistence, and amazing growth potential? Look no further then Dust 514 for the PS3, coming out Summer 2012.

    What is Dust 514?
    Dust 514 is a persistent, AAA, Free to Play, MMOFPS on the PlayStation 3 Entertainment System.

    Who is making it?
    Dust is made at CCP's Shanghai Office, and features former DICE employes.

    Looking for more in-depth information? Head to and register for the closed beta!

    "Dust 514 is Visionary, and has the potential to be one of thee greatest gaming experiences consoles have seen in the last generation. Coupled with the persistence, and inter-connectivity with Eve Online, the tag line of /One Universe, One War/ really has the ability to shine as brightly as all the stars in the Eve Universe."

    Stay tuned to's front page for exclusive Dust 514 interviews and coverage, coming SoonTM.
    -Damion Rayne

    TG-30th Damion Rayne - Commanding Officer

    Content Development Writer | Developer Relations Liaison



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