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We are shutting down TG Ikariam!

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  • We are shutting down TG Ikariam!

    Quite of few of you know that TG has had an Ikariam alliance going since that web-based game started up years ago. We started out proud and strong, and kept that style play alive for a long time, even as we faded in strength and numbers. Eventually, our interest finally waned to the point where shutting down was the best play, and that's where we are now. June 30th will be our last day as an alliance.

    I've been proud to lead the group for some time now, and we've had an excellent crew until the end: Nelchael, Kormendi, Seeker, Scattershot, Viper, and I basically finished it off, but there's been a whole herd of famous TGers that wore our TG tag on Ikariam's world Alpha.

    Please tip yer caps just a touch in recognition of another group of fine TG players that did us proud. Thanks again to everyone who ever participated. And Nel and Seeker: you guys fit in perfectly, stuck it out to the end in great form, and I'm glad we got to know you.

    So, at last: to the TG Alliance, one last time! Viva TG!
    OPS, the bacon is on you.

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    Re: We are shutting down TG Ikariam!

    GG Ikariam. I remember playing this for about a year until my account got wiped. Shame, it was fun!




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