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  • Dev interview *hopes no repost*


    this is a 40min interview I found that I think hasn't been shared here.

    It is based off community questions and goes quite into detail in some of the features that were glossed over in other videos and totalbiscuit's.
    Things to watch for:

    +weather system plans;
    after release they plan to add fully dynamic weather with thunderstorms forming and dissipating, moving organically the world.

    + squad/platoon system.
    A squad will be 10 people if I recall correctly. These players will be automatically linked in voip.
    These can then combine into a 30 people max platoon, I suppose with corresponding voip/command features.
    This platoon can then go and do any mission they please.

    +Mission mechanic.
    This sounds like a very innovative sort of freeform quest system.
    The way I understand it, anyone can 'design' a mission for him or his group, I don't know exactly what this design process is, that is not discussed.
    What is discussed is the way it funtions between players. When a 'totalnoob' or a lone wolf connects, he can query a list of missions that need people.
    He can then join any bigger mission that an outfit may have going.
    *This looks pretty awesome to me. I am very curious for more info on this. Does anyone know somthing about this design process???? Or is it just "we're going to attack here in 30 minutess???

    So here it is:

    I think the interview is really funny too. From the start, watch the dev's body language. He clearly wants to exit the situation asap. I think he feels uncomfortable in the setting or the interviewer, or maybe he just has to pee. He stays uncomfortable throughout the video only interrupted by brief moments when he is talking about an element he is really passionate about. The interview is like a mod; on the cheap, no bels and whistles, but all the questions he asks are functional, and yield much more and more detailed information than all the other more professional interviews I've seen. Good job by this guy, you should like his video if you agree.

    For those who missed it; here's the first video of Totalbiscuit's looong e3 stream on youtube you'll find the others in the sidebar.
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    Re: Dev interview *hopes no repost*

    Good shout Al. FYI the interview was carried out by Hamma I believe, he is a Mod at the PS Universe forums. The devs are really involved with the community as you can see with the haircut saga and the fact that they give interviews like this direct to the community. In fact as far as I am aware Hamma is off to San Diego for Comic Con this year where it looks like the beta will be announced......


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      Re: Dev interview *hopes no repost*

      Can you move it Jeepo? I meant to post it in the Planetside 2 thread but I hit the button on the wrong page.


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        Re: Dev interview *hopes no repost*

        No admin powers over this thread. I will get it moved though.




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