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  • [VIDEO] Let's Play - Black Sparr0

    Hey everyone! I was thinking that I'd come here to see if I could manage to get some of you interested in my new Let's Play channel on YouTube! --->

    I'm trying to create my own thing with these videos that I make. I want them to be funny and entertaining. So if you like some silly and funny game commentaries, go check me out! I'm 19 years old, so you'll hear no squeaky voice from me!

    I just started making videos almost 3 weeks ago, so I haven't gotten that many views and subscribers yet. As of now, when I'm writing this, I've got 32 video clips, 12 subscribers and nearly 1700 views. It's not alot!
    I should also say that I'm not trying to be anybody else who's already making Let's Plays. (PewDiePie, Tobuscus, UberHaxorNova, Captainsparklez, and more) I am a fan of these people, of course, but i don't want to be them.

    Anyways, my aim with this post is to, sort of, 'kick-start' my YouTube channel! So please, go check me out! :)



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