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  • HL2: LostCoast

    First expansion for the game (not counting mods). It will be free for everyone with HL2.
    Read here. Notice in the Play Games window in Steam it's been added to the "Coming Soon" section. Just recently. Looks like there's a new lighting thing they're adding.

    Originally posted by Steam News
    We're getting much closer to having Lost Coast ready to release. Originally planned as a section of the Highway 17 chapter of Half-Life 2, Lost Coast is a playable technology showcase that introduces High Dynamic Range lighting to the Source engine.

    Once Lost Coast is released, we will include HDR in our future product releases. For instance, Day of Defeat: Source will feature HDR lighting for all of its levels the day it is released.

    One of the fundamental pieces of HDR rendering lies in "dynamic tonemapping." In the Source engine, by varying the exposure of a scene based on how much light is visible, we can accurately simulate a range of brightness that is beyond what a computer monitor is physically capable of displaying. A real-world example of this effect happens every time you walk from a very dark room to an outdoor area with very bright sunlight -- your eye takes a few moments to adjust to the variance in the amount of light hitting the retina. If you have a video card that supports HDR, you'll be able to see this in the engine when Lost Coast is released.

    Static screenshots of HDR fail to capture this effect, but if you click on this image you can watch it happen in a scene from the Lost Coast. Note that the left-hand side of the screen is running in Fixed Aperture (non-HDR) mode, and the right-hand side with High Dynamic Range.
    Sorry if someone already posted this.

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    Re: HL2: LostCoast

    Originally posted by Sabooya
    man i have been waiting for this for the past 4 months FINALLY
    Where you been? There have been like, a bajillion News prompts on Steam for Lost fact, the last one, they even said "we know we are sounding like a broken record...." :row__596:


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      Re: HL2: LostCoast

      How high end of a graphics card do you need to see these effects? I have a 9600 pro.

      All I have to say is that you can’t trust VALVE and their so called release dates.

      I am still waiting for TFC:2, TFC:S, and DOD:S…..

      Also when is DOD:S coming out. Its been “coming soon” in the game browser since HL2 came out… What makes you think lost coast is coming out within the next year :P


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        Re: HL2: LostCoast

        Here here!! Its all about the waiting game with Valve. Cant wait to see this and DODS with this new fangled light stuff.




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