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ATTN: Any TG Members with website design/background - help needed

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  • [ANNOUNCEMENT] ATTN: Any TG Members with website design/background - help needed

    Greetings my fellow TG'ers,

    Many of you know me from the BF2: Project Reality and Arma I video games, as much as I have tried to make gaming a career, I have since playing and belonging to TG have been involved with a start up internet phone/database type company called Bermlogic ( Currently we are going through a restructuring phase of sorts and are looking for experienced/interested people to help re-shape our website. I suggested that what better place to receive feedback and possible support was to post here at TG since many members have a background in this type of area.

    Take a look at the website, it does need work, and your suggestions and comments are very much warranted in general and please inquire if you are interested, a resume would be very helpful and you will be compensated (not through pay pal) if hired. - Please feel free to PM me through TG, I will give you my work email in a reply PM.

    I know that this forum might not be the best area to go about posting something regarding this, and it is not intended to take away from anything that TG Promotes in any sort of way.

    Thank you for your time,

    Tim aka Randy aka Bob aka Magnum.P.I.
    Randy = Ace ! - Warlab
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    Level I HazMat Technician
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