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It's coming, the Second: Yay, Sandy!

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  • It's coming, the Second: Yay, Sandy!

    So, any of you East Coasters starting to sweat? I'm in a low spot in Brooklyn now, and heck, my apartment ceiling leaks under a heavyish rain already, let alone the duration and intensity that might dump on us. Honestly, I think I'm most worried about a tree landing on my truck, though- wind has been doing strange (read: not good) things to this city in the past 5 years. I do have a pretty decent stash to weather a storm.
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    Re: It's coming, the Second: Yay, Sandy!

    Hey man good luck with that and don't park your truck down wind or underneath any trees.
    Here are some pics of some the after storm carnage from hurricane Dolly in 2008. Locations are at my home and local area.

    At home if you notice the top 1/3 of the pole in picture is above my home. It has been cleaned by 75+mph wind and water.

    Hurrican Dolly: +2 Day by Agapito_S, on Flickr

    Historically, this section of town has always flooded. There is even a photo in city hall that captured the same scene after Hurricane Beulah in '67. It wouldn't be that sad except that the city spent a couple of million dollars to put in a better drainage system and it still floods on moderate rain. Which this hurricane was most definitely not.

    Hurrican Dolly: +1 Day by Agapito_S, on Flickr

    This one is of a Palo Blanco ( i used to know the name in English) in my backyard. A piece of 3/4 plywood flew by and clipped it.

    Hurrican Dolly: +2 Day by Agapito_S, on Flickr

    Last but not least. Is the tree that almost Killed me, literally. This tree has been on the property for considerably longer than I have been alive. During the Hurricane I could see trunk breathing like a man overworked and almost ready to give up. I swear that it gained a foot in diameter every time it swayed in sync with the winds frantic embrace. When the storm finally passed I could hear it creaking under the gentle breeze during the day. So, I took it upon myself to cut it down and took most of the top down with a hand saw and when the power came back up with the electric pole saw in the picture. I overworked myself to such an extent that I ended getting sick and earned my bronchitis badge all because of this tree.

    IMG_6601 by Agapito_S, on Flickr


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      Re: It's coming, the Second: Yay, Sandy!

      Sorry for hijacking your thread with my photos.


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        Re: It's coming, the Second: Yay, Sandy!

        No worries; there was no hijack! Photos are great. And 'truck downwind' is the plan, but there's only so many spots, and there's a lot of trees round here, and doesn't the wind switch directions halfway through the hurricane? ;) It will be fun, to be sure.
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          Just made a thread also, didn't realize that one was already created. Please feel free to merge the one I made into this one.

          Below us what I also posted:

          So many TG'ers (Dredge and Warlab you probably are in the thick of it as we speak) like myself are experiencing or will be experiencing the supposed "perfect storm" of the century or as the media has dubbed it "FrankenStorm".

          Personally I wish they named it "The Kraken" then we could be watching them replay over and over Liam Neeson saying that line from the redux of "Clash of the Titans".

          But it is going to be pretty intense. NYC is going to be locked and shutdown. Last train out in all points leaves at 7pm tonight, bridges will be shutdown at 8pm and the subways will be shutdown as well. Evacuations of Battery Park and other places (sucks to be in Staten Island) including parts of Long Island have commenced.

          Kind of makes it feel kind of post apocalyptic with a zombie type feel (being that it is almost Halloween).

          Where I reside currently in Larchmont NY residents by the Long Island sound have been asked to evacuate due to the weather and the fact that there will be a full moon.

          Looks like I will be at the firehouse tonight and all day tomorrow and possibly Tuesday as well.

          Should be interesting. I'm more fearful of the wind, especially since there are plenty of trees that have not been trimmed and could make those branches near or resting against power lines real trouble. That and the wind whipping them around.

          Anyways. Wanted to get all your thoughts on this. Especially those currently experiencing it if you haven't lost power etc.

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