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Anyone played SOCOM US Navy Seals and the first Ghost Recon?

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  • Anyone played SOCOM US Navy Seals and the first Ghost Recon?

    Hey guys its been a very long while since I been on here. i by Fox or Fox Delta in when I log into TS.

    I have a question for you guys, did anyone ever played SOCOM US Navy Seals, if so what did you think about it? did you enjoy it or hate it?

    I enjoy the SOCOM games up until they made the PS3 ones. never like confrontation and hated SOCOM 4, and no way SOCOM 4 was like original SOCOM games back for the PS2.

    What i like about SOCOM is that it did it best to make you fee like you are a real seal that goes in any carry out these operations. I like how the game was design so you use tactics and stealth
    to finish the mission.

    so what do you guy think about SOCOM? and I know the original Ghost Recon was very similar to SOCOM which is why i like that game a lot, but the new Ghost Recon games are no way close to the original ones.
    AKA: FoxDelta

    My PC.
    Case: NZXT M59,
    ASUS Mother Board M4A77D,
    AMD Phemon II x4 3.2GHz ,
    GTX 570 1.2GB 320bit,
    DDR2 800 4GB RAM,
    PSU: Crosair 650w
    OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 32bit
    Res 1920x1080

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    Re: Anyone played SOCOM US Navy Seals and the first Ghost Recon?

    For both series, the first two were just jaw-droppingly incredible (GR1&2 and SOCOM1&2).

    No game, in my opinion, has come close to matching the level of depth and immersion that those four games had. I actually have all the original Ghost Recons (Ghost Recon, Island Thunder, and Desert Siege) on this computer right now. SOCOM was awesome. The ability to quickly command your units using voice prompts? I'll never forget how immersive that felt, and even given the unparallelled immersion of the Ghost Recon series, that extra little push toward immersion was what set SOCOM apart for me.

    Advanced Warfighter (1&2) wasn't bad, and actually still hit the marks as far as I'm concerned, but they didn't really have the depth that the originals had. Other games that are similar and to this day stand out to me are: Sum of All Fears (a Tom Clancy game), the entire SWAT series, and for a larger-scale OFP. Best games ever created, in my opinion. We're too caught up in fancy toys these days. A few games are making big claims that they're returning to their roots, but I don't see it happening. With games like GR:Future Soldier, and GR:Online, the COD series, GOW, and others? I think the tone has been set for shooters for years to come.


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      Re: Anyone played SOCOM US Navy Seals and the first Ghost Recon?

      Sadly I never played much of the original Ghost Recon. That was a time when my computer could barely boot up, let alone run a game. For the brief time I played it, it wasnt bad. Most of my tactical shooter time was hundreds of hours in Rogue Spear.

      Sadly there was a spiritual successor to the old R6 games called Ground Branch. Their Kickstarter campaign didnt make it though. We could really use a new tactical shooter that is the exact same quality as the old R6 games but with some modern graphics.
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        Re: Anyone played SOCOM US Navy Seals and the first Ghost Recon?

        Yes, I played the Socom series on PS2 which was up to an including Socom 3. I made some great "online" friends there and still game with some of them today in Arma CO now on the PC and here at TG. As Fuzzywig says, it was ground breaking immersion especially with the voice commands and the load out prior to going on the mission. Even though you wanted to shoot Boomer for misunderstanding you at times... The GR missions of Island Thunder have been re-created in Arma as a mission pack and are quite good. It makes it fun to play with real people instead of AI. I'm no mission editor, but I would love to try to recreate some of those Socom missions in the Arma world.


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          Re: Anyone played SOCOM US Navy Seals and the first Ghost Recon?

          I never had a PS2, but Ghost Recon was my bread and butter all those years ago. That's how I got into online forums - the ubisoft GR forums.

          Funny thing is how close the 2009 invasion of Georgia was compared to the events in Ghost Recon


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            Re: Anyone played SOCOM US Navy Seals and the first Ghost Recon?

            The original Ghost Recon here, at (what wasn't then called) TG, was... impressive, to say the least. I spectated games for several nights before playing my first round with the regulars.

            I'll spare you the drawn-out details (although, that's part of what made it so fun), but basically there was a certain reverence and seasoned, calculated (aka "slow") pace with which you did everything.

            The first night (maybe my first game) I start playing on the squad of the vets against AI missions, we're playing a map which calls for absolute stealth at mission start. We're next to a river, at the base of a ridge, the other side of which is swarming with yet-unaware Georgians just itching to kill us, if only they knew where we were.

            So mission commander (I forget the jargon we used for titles) orders us to "take a knee at insertion", so as to keep a low profile. I comply, but I'm still getting my situational awareness, which includes looking around to see who's where in relation to my position. I'm moving my mouse such that my crosshair moves from player model to player model, so that the tooltip shows each player's name as I move over them.

            And so my crosshair falls on mission commander as he's finishing his guidance as to how we're about to proceed. His player model has an orientation similar to mine: eyes on the nearby ridge, his back to me. As he spoke with the undivided attention of all nine of us, the worst 500 milliseconds of my gaming career.... happened.

            I learned that night that, when secrecy is imperative, and there's hordes of bad guys "just over that hill", and your leader is speaking... don't hover your high-powered rifle's crosshair directly over his neck while he's speaking and all of your teammates are listening carefully to what he says.

            Because, if you do, and your index finger that's hovering over your mouse's left-click button twitches suddenly, violently, and involuntarily, you may just shoot your mission commander in the neck, sending him to his final resting place like a sack of potatoes, and alerting an endless horde of Georgians to your unsecured position, only to watch them attack in countless waves as your helpless squadmates struggle to recover from the sudden confusion and panic of their leader being senselessly slain from within.

            The scared, confused, angry sounds that came over team voicecomm still haunt me. lol....

            Yeah. We all died. I felt horrible. HORRIBLE.

            But they were awesome about it. 'Cause that's how people here are, typically. :)

            Sorry, Beep. :(
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              Re: Anyone played SOCOM US Navy Seals and the first Ghost Recon?

              I played Rainbow 6 something or other on N64, it had a mission editor lol, on the N64. It's hard to get that now on a PC game. Then I started getting the Ghost Recon games on the original Xbox and they were epic, despite the fact that, on the Xbox version, you simply got a cross hair on screen, no representation of the gun you were carrying. I also had some kind of Socom game on PS2 I think, pretty sure it was the PS2 Socom games that had the voice recognition software and bundled headset. If I remember correctly the software worked pretty well with the AI and you could order them to hold fire, advance etc. Pretty cutting edge for the time considering the lack of advances in that field.

              Then the 360 came out and they released the first couple of Advanced Warfighter 'Early Learning Sesame Street' shooters where you got a glowing hud icon over the top of every bad guy you were supposed to shoot, funnelled down alleys for the sake of set pieces and nice cinematics. Son, I am disappoint.

              1st Rainbow 6 game on the original Xbox was Epic though, if only for the next gen graphics (as it was then) and decent breaching (it wasn't a QTE, you breached, then you had to take down your targets in 'realtime' no slowmo). Man, I loved that game.




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