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    Anybody remember Frontier: Elite 2 from the DOS/Amiga era? David Braben is creating a new MMO (or single player for those who don't like to share). It is heavily based on that Frontier, which in it's day was revolutionary. It was one of my favorite DOS games and I am glad he is finally coming out with the new one.

    Anyhoo, he is trying to fund it through Kickstarter and I've pledged a bit of money myself. I thought if there were any gamers here who remember the old one, that they might wanna help make it a reality as well!

    Here is the link:

    It is almost funded and there are only 3 days left! They give pretty good stuff for pledging to. Just be sure to watch your money before you pledge because the site initially shows British Pounds instead of United States dollars.

    If it is not worth your time funding it, you can at least take a look and let others know about it.

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