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Have I been DoS/DDoS'ed?

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  • Have I been DoS/DDoS'ed?

    I was on an MMO, Runescape, and I blurted my Skype username out. I have not entered anything personal in my profile, nor have I accepted any friend request to add me. Some guy comes up and asks me if the username I said was really mine. I confirmed it. He then immediately finds out my hometown and my ISP, Comcast. I get confused and upset, so I got aggressive and asked him why the hell he needed me to confirm if the info he googled was correct. He didn't like my attitude.

    I lost my internet connection a few minutes later, and asked several people on what happened, with most of them saying that he attacked my router or modem with a DoS/DDoS attack. Did I really get attacked like that? If so, how did he do this, and how can I prevent it? I sent a ticket to Comcast, and they sent a ticket to their "Escalation Team" to see if any solutions can arise.

    I have a couple responses that my friends gave me.

    1) He got some log off from Runescape and traced my IP
    2) Skype has some dumb vulnerability and he found out my IP from my username, thus led to the attack



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