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Just Checking in on the greatest gaming community, ever!

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  • Just Checking in on the greatest gaming community, ever!

    I just thought I'd make a brief visit back to TG and take a look around. I see that some titles have past and others have been born.

    It is such a pity, although inevitable, that BF2 PR finally was shelved. Obviously, it was necessary as all good things must come to an end. But that title holds such a special place in my memories (all the good times, endless really). Only made possible by the great player base of this community, the hard work of the administration, and the developers. Truly epic times. It makes me think back to some of the more contentious moments - we've all done it - where we even complained and lost it at times - not me, of course. :) You truly don't know what you've got until it's gone.

    Alright, enough of my heart wrenching theatrics - everything looks shipshape and in proper order as usual. Carry on gentlemen/women and it's been an absolutely delightful time stopping buy to say hello. Cheers!
    |TG-X| mp40x

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