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  • Checkin' in!

    Hey all,

    Just checkin' in.

    I used to play here around 6-7 years ago - lots of BF:PR and BF:PoE which were huge back in those days. I played by the tag 7ShadesOSin in 1st MIPS with E-Male, Grunt, Jeepo et al - some of who I still see around here! Some of the best gaming I've ever done. I kinda lost touch when everyone migrated from BF:PR to Arma II and I just didn't have the hardware for it...

    So, I'm just wondering where to head these days. I've just built a new rig, and looking to get some good, team-based gaming going. Any recommendations? I'm thinking one (or all!) of BF:PR, Arma II, DayZ or Planetside 2. Arma II seems to be the most popular around here, but I'm way out of touch with the setup. Did they ever get round to Multiplayer battles, or is it still Human vs AI? The former which I didn't appreciate and the latter I was really hoping for.

    Planetside 2 looks pretty phenomenal, so I'm thinking that'll be a go.

    So, any input appreciated, and see you on the battlefield!

    Perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim - Ovid

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    Re: Checkin' in!

    -Planetside 2 is really big right now. I see E-Male and Jeepo the most here.
    -ARMA 2 seems to have a lot of people in TS all the time.
    -DayZ is slow right now but a small group still gets together to play a few times a week. Most people are waiting for DayZ standalone.
    -BF:PR is dead (for now). You can find a couple TG people still playing on the CIA server.

    Welcome back. Perhaps I'll get to meet you in PS2.


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      Re: Checkin' in!

      Welcome back....head on over to the Arma forums, we love to have new players join us!!
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