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Has any veteran or TG member used or currently using the GI Bill?

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  • Has any veteran or TG member used or currently using the GI Bill?

    I recently got out of the Marines.. well 6 months ago. I received my Post 9/11 approval letter about 3months ago and was accepted to Kennesaw State University here in Georgia for the Summer semester. I have a basic understanding of it, but was wondering if there is any advice someone who has or is using it can give me. Basically how to get more bang for my buck. I will be hitting the amount of semester hours needed to be considered a full time student so I can get the full BAH, renting a basement apartment at 400$ a month(amazing deal).

    I picked Post 9/11 over the GI Bill because it seemed like more money in my pocket... was this a mistake?

    Tit for tat my advice for anyone in the military or going in.

    Actually do listen to people... save your money. While I have a billion stories of strip clubs, fights, Vegas, strippers, vacations, Tokyo, strippers, booze, traveling, and more strip clubs. While I wont say it wasnt worth it... save some money and hold back on one or two of those impulses.

    It has been tough transitioning back to civilian life. Employers do actually frown upon a 4:1 ratio of words to cuss words in a sentence. I have been lucky and the 4 jobs I applied for heard back and had offers on 3. Granted they were all part time positions.

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    Re: Has any veteran or TG member used or currently using the GI Bill?

    You made no mistake on the Post 9/11. The best advice I can give you is talk to the counsellors at the school for the best use of the 9/11 GI Bill. You are correct in the full time to pull the E5 BAH rate which is an awesome benefit. Just make sure you dont go crazy and try and enroll in a school that will chew threw your money like a rabbit with carrots. Make sure you are really focused on your degree. You want to keep it as straight forward as you can get. And always remember my friend.... there is more than one way to skin a cat.

    Also not trying to pry but if you have any VA Disabilities look into education benefits there as well and also your state bennies as well, especially if you went to Iraq or Afganistan. Also talk to places like the DAV, VFW for support in your needs. There is tons of places out there to help people like us they just dont advertise. Carry a copy of your DD214 in your car incase you need it. I know more guys getting jobs off of it then I do people writing out a 5 page resume. Stay safe my brother and good luck
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      Re: Has any veteran or TG member used or currently using the GI Bill?

      Its a tough transition so dont be too hard on yourself.

      Id look into state and federal grants as a way to get that bang for your buck you were looking for.

      Also the VA can help you with job placements or at least should hold job fairs in your area.




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