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  • Bologna15
    started a topic [INFO] Looking for information

    Looking for information

    Just wanted to post up and find out if im in the right place. I came upon a popular youtube star "devildoggamer" and found that a community oriented towards actual multiplayer environments specifically utilizing real life tools exist somewhere. I have been waiting for a community like that forever. Running and gunning only lasts so long.

    I come from the old counter-strike days before CZ. Used to play everquest, then wow, then back to everquest, a multitude of games after and lately its just been the COD series on PS3. I however am looking to get into style of play (not sure if devildoggamer's videos were just Arma2 or PR:Arma2) that is basically realistic military sim.

    I have no problem reading, just need to be pointed in the right direction. Like if this forum is the best for Arma2 or PR:arma2? Or how do i get involved with a good squad that can execute a mission, knows what an LZ is, actually taxis before takeoff, understands 360 cover, etc.

    Thanks again.

  • Unkl
    Re: Looking for information

    Welcome to TacticalGamer. I think you may be very interested in the kind of team work you will find here among the many games we support. It shouldn't matter what game you play here you will find the same commitment to respect and maturity along side a big old dose of having fun using real world tactics.

    Check over the forums main listing and you will see all sorts of games that are active. Check over the TS channels and you will see members playing even more games. Check out the forums and see we have ArmA 2 and ArmA 3 Alpha running right now. This is the game that you've seen in those videos and is a simulation and a game. Hey, we all come here for fun, just that fun is playing a tough game that is mature and not cheapened by exploiting the limitations of AI or so forth.

    Anywho, glad you found your way here and hope you dig all the stuff TG offers.

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