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    if you haven't seen the patchnotes here they are..

    Apr 08, 2013 Michael Donahoe, community manager

    We've got news for you one, dear mayors. The novelty of one big novelty, you're going to SimCity - update labeled 2.0! This update, which will be published soon (more on April 9 at 18:00), to include several critical fixes for which you have asked us most, and also some other improvements. For an idea of ??providing you with a complete overview of upcoming changes:

    Tourism: Repairs unexplained fluctuations tourists - passenger numbers of tourists are now collected in a better way.
    Casinos: Casinos adjusted so that it is more profitable gambling - to activate this enhancement is needed to demolish the old casino and replace them with new ones.
    More casinos: Number of modules Sci-fi casino casino and neat rose to six.
    Game in the region: bankrupt city may receive financial assistance from the city.
    Education: Addressed an issue with buses that are stuck in secondary schools; existing schools are already corrected themselves.
    Education: Fixed a bug where school buses picking up students in neighboring towns as well as the absence of bus stops.
    Education: Better student population census.
    Education: Fixed a bug where the children after leaving the school bus stop teleported to the nearest walking route instead to go to school.
    Education: The University building extensions now a player gets the correct bonus.
    Recycling: Recycling center cleared errors due to which ceased to operate; recycling services now also serve other cities.
    Air pollution: Fixed a problem that caused the contamination occurred suddenly without any apparent cause; fixed the problem for which it is manifested regional air pollution double penalty.
    The mayor's villa: The Mayor will now go to work with their catching cars. Helicopter will fly or ride in a limo and sports cars, if the built-ins.
    Fire Services: Fire cars are now getting to fires faster.
    Water: Water pump now pumping water from rivers with a much larger area, so that better use of water resources.
    Trade: Fixed ports that stopped working for no reason.
    Public transport: Tram first stops to come with a higher frequency of movement of passengers.
    Public transport: Cities with population and public transport region now transmit the correct number of employees and customers.
    Public transport: Circular vehicle now will not attempt to load other Sims, but leaves the garage.
    Public transport: Buses neighbors do not often visit the surrounding cities and will focus more on serving passengers "home".
    Processing center: Fix problems that caused that some cities do not process correctly.
    Data maps: Maps are now displayed in a standard color, even if the player uses any of image filters (except for color blind mode).
    HUD: The user interface now supports mode for colorblind correct color settings.
    Tuning: Pure City resident now support "state failure".
    Budget: Fixed bugs in monthly transactions that permit circumvention of the system.

    The above changes certainly do not represent a complete list of new version 2.0. Expect further details on the day of the release, that is next week on Tuesday. Meanwhile, although the 2.0 update does not fix the loss of the gaming process and the "rollback", but very hard to solve these problems we work.

    Because it is the first major update so we would like to warn you in advance that all game servers will be updated at the time of 2.0 to two hours off. Issuing updates for such a large number of players is not a simple task, so it's a necessary step. Neither was it easy to choose the right time for the release, according to statistics gaming servers but we worked out that at least players just damage the outage at 18:00. We believe that, given the list of repairs you will understand that you two hours waiting worthwhile.

    For now, try the Cheetah speed by going back to the game again!

    Thanks for your patience, mayors!



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