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  • Dredge Custom PC's

    Don't ever tell your friends you like to build computers...cause then they will want one lol.

    Custom #5 Sub $400 price tag
    500Gb HDD
    Nvida card (not sure the type, they bought it as best buy) 1 Gig DDR5
    4Gig DDR3 Ram
    ASUS mobo
    AMD 2 Core 3.4 Ghz CPU

    Custom # 6 Sub $600 price tag

    320Gb HDD
    Nvidia 650 1Gig DDR5
    4Gig DDR3 Ram
    ASRock MB
    AMD Phenom II 4 Core 3.4 Ghz CPU

    Pretty happy with both builds, as are the customers! :)


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    Re: Dredge Custom PC's

    You're a creative little man, Dredge. Nice job, they look cool. Especially for the price.


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      Re: Dredge Custom PC's

      Dude, your ears must have been burning. Dredge and I were talking about you no more than 10 minutes ago in the DayZ forum.


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        Re: Dredge Custom PC's

        Nice work Dredge.

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          Re: Dredge Custom PC's

          How are the current crop of Apevia cases now Dredge? Still the same shoddy quality as the ones of old?
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