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fyi: registering SteamIDs & BF2 IDs

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  • fyi: registering SteamIDs & BF2 IDs

    Just a note:

    Thanks go to Apophis, who has installed validation within our forums software which will insist users apply the proper FORMAT to their Steam and BF2 ID fields in their profiles.

    In the past, it has been too common that users exclude "STEAM_" from the beginning of their SteamIDs, and I've even helped users who put spaces in the middle of their SteamIDs. With BF2, we've had players put their playername instead of their number. This, of course, causes the various servers using this ID to not properly recognize that user (for whatever rights) when they logged into the server.

    Moving forward, users will not be able to save their Steam or BF2 IDs to their profile unless they have the format correct.

    Here is the error one sees when using the wrong syntax. This error prevents the profile from being saved, forcing the user to go back and correct his mistake:
    You did not enter the correct format for the Steam ID: field. Please read the field description for the expected format.
    You did not enter the correct format for the Battlefield 2 Player ID: field. Please read the field description for the expected format.
    When you're helping people get their IDs registered, this is one less thing you have to worry about, as the profile edit screen gives clear examples of the formats for each ID, and, now, the forums will not accept ID which do not match the specified format.

    Well done, Apophis. Thank you.
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    Re: fyi: registering SteamIDs & BF2 IDs

    How to get your BF2 ID

    How to get your STEAM ID
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