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my new Timber & Stone village

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  • my new Timber & Stone village

    got around 40 villagers and only about 5-8 soldiers. also got a wall around my village to protect against any goblins that come to close to my village. hopefully i can get more fisherman and farmers to get the food pumping a lot faster than what it is right now. that way i can support more troops to protect the walls. the amount of food i have is pretty high, got 4 farmers and 10 fisherman and 1 forager i believe but with the amount of people i have in the village, they are draining the food very quick. think i will need 3 more famers and 5 more fisherman to make it increase again.

    Mining Cave - 4 miners, they also have their own beds down there so they can sleep when needed.

    1st level farm - there is another farm right above it, got about 4 farmers farming atm.

    2nd lvl farm, to the right, i will be making a 3 story building full of beds, so all villagers can sleep.

    here is my fisherman.

    here is my gate with 2 archers and 1 infantry manning a balista. got a video of them in action stopping a few goblins trying to enter my village.

    here is my troop barracks so they can sleep, also got target dummies and archery targets setup so they can increase their levels (higher levels, more hp stronger attacks, and increased accuracy).

    1st vid shows my forester being chased by a goblin, and my balista at the entrance staples the goblin to a tree trunk. 2nd part of vid shows an archer getting a headshot on the goblin.

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    Re: my new Timber & Stone village

    Almost bought this game awhile back when I saw it on the forums here. Still thinking about it. A few questions if you care to answer?
    1. I assume this game has a long lasting appeal? Is there ever an "end game"?
    2. Is it challenging?


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      Re: my new Timber & Stone village

      As of right now, there is no end game. the devs are adding new stuff each patch. I've had times where if i'm not too careful, i would lose all my people to a few goblins or skeletons or spiders. I remember one map I had up and running, where i kept all my stuff under ground with only 1 entrance to it, and there were a few spiders that burrowed under the ground and came out of the walls and killed all my farmers and miners before my infantry got to them.. also the devs will be adding bigger goblin armies where they would bring a catapult and siege your village with it. plus there are necromancers in the test version and they are pretty hard to fight if u try to fight them from a range, they cast fireballs and summon skeletons.


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        Re: my new Timber & Stone village

        Looking forward to Stonehearth at all?


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          Re: my new Timber & Stone village

          just looking at it right now, looks pretty good. i might be.


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            Re: my new Timber & Stone village

            whats the name of this game?


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              Re: my new Timber & Stone village

              It's Timber and Stone.

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                Re: my new Timber & Stone village

                i actually lost one villager to a ballista, she got in the way when i was trying to hit a goblin with it, ballista hit her and the goblin lol. i was sooo pissed hehe, she was a lvl 17 forester.


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                  Re: my new Timber & Stone village

                  here is the patch log for the new patch - new boss added to the game....

                  v1.3 -

                  -Wolves are more attracted by animals, especially livestock and freshly hunted wild animals.
                  -Two new wolf types have been added, their stats and behavior differ slightly from the original gray wolf type.
                  -Wolf pack behavior should be more apparent than in previous versions.
                  -Wolves no longer require line of sight to attack, and instead rely on pathing & distance checks that emulate smell.
                  -The Necromancer has returned, summoning skeletal minions and hellfire. Will destroy all living things on the map, including flora, fauna and other enemy types.
                  -Any idle skeletons on the map will now gather around a newly spawned necromancer.
                  -Skeletons are more likely to attack at night, and receive a boost to vision and mobility after nightfall.
                  -Two new skeletal infantry types have been added to the game: a bloodthirsty type with a stronger bite but lower health, and one who carries a mace and shield for added attack damage and defense.
                  -Skeletons now share the necromancers desire to attack living enemy types, so they can also target goblins and wolves.
                  -Spiders are less likely to leave their holes and re-dig.
                  -New enemy: Spider Matriarch. Boss spider type, likes to collect spiders from around your map before attacking, high damage and health, but weak to fire arrows.
                  -Spiders, goblins and wolves can now swim.
                  -Infantry and goblins can now battle in water.
                  -Goblin Archers can now target your structures, and will occasionally launch flaming arrows.
                  -New enemy: Mounted Goblin Marauder. A goblin mounted on a wolf. Extremely mobile and aggressive, generally takes over twice as long to destroy (kill the wolf first and you still have a goblin threat, kill the goblin first and there’s still a wolf to slay).
                  -New Weapons: Flaming Arrows & Polearms. There is now a pike weapon type available for each metal grade, polearms have increased range and do extra damage against mounted opponents. And flaming arrows, which are very deadly and can spread fire.
                  -Game speed buttons have been added to the top left of the GUI, next to the time of day.
                  -New game speed: Quadruple, used to play the game in 4x speed during slow bits, or ‘fast forward’ when your workforce has fallen asleep (though I still recommend learning to use the sleep schedules to prevent that).
                  -New Structure (Decor): Tree, ‘crafted’ by the wood chopper, requires seedling.
                  -New Raw Material: Seedling, used to plant trees, and in future updates; decorative plant structures. Low drop chance from trees and bushes.
                  -Unity’s presentation settings splash screen has been removed, and the game resolution can now be set via the “Video” options menu when starting the game.
                  -New control function: Toggle Grid (G key by default), used to show a grid atop the terrain, helpful for initial planning and building.
                  -Fire. Fire can spread from flaming arrows and necromancer spells. Will destroy grass and many wooden building material types. Especially damaging to farms, trees and wooden structures.
                  -Livestock feed slightly less often.
                  -8 new musical stings have been added to the game.
                  -6 new full music tracks have been added, this includes a few new intro songs to accompany the main menus and new map screens.

                  Bug Fixes:
                  -Units should no longer be getting stuck while attacking enemies, this was due to buggy line of sight checks.
                  -Cancelling a “Remove Stump” command will no longer bug wood choppers.
                  -Blocks should no longer be randomly disappearing due to rounding errors, this was mostly caused by enemies and wild animals toward the edges of large maps.
                  -When a unit is walking, there are now checks to prevent them from walking into blocks freshly built during their pathing sequence, this usually resulted in additional block disappearances.
                  -The above is also true for Merchants and road blocks being destroyed, this was a highly annoying error.
                  -Livestock should no longer be starving when there are available wheat and idle herders.
                  -Fixed an bug where Infantry would walk back and forth between their bed and training dummy.
                  -Infantry should also no longer get stuck trying to find/operate siege equipment when two or more ballistae are in range.
                  -Greatly reduced the “stutter” when saving your game. This should fully remove the hiccups in the game’s music while opening the pause menu.
                  -Goblin Archers shouldn’t be randomly walking directly up to your units before shooting.
                  -Fixed an error where the game could not load if you collected over around 32k of any resource. This ‘cap’ is now doubled.


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                    Re: my new Timber & Stone village

                    where can i dl it it doesnt shot up on steam


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                      Re: my new Timber & Stone village


                      not on steam yet.




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