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  • The Growing Collective - A personal project

    I've recently launched a project, about 4 days ago that is a combination of a YouTube channel and a blog. My goal for the moment is too use it as a personal portfolio of interests, in case I ever wanted to apply for a working position areas such as gaming journalism or applying to a studio to work on content for another channel/potentially become partnered. Finding support for projects like this is difficult, mostly word of mouth for the most part until I'm prepared to put some capital behind the idea. I'm rather passionate about what I do and approaching this like an enterprise more so than a hobby.

    So where am I going with this? I maybe looking for someone to make an appearance in some of the feature episodes I do- it gives me the opportunity to meet new people and have a greater enjoyment of playing with other people. If you might be interested in featuring in the channel every so often, and share an interest in games I do, such as MMO's, RTS's (including Total Wars) or Civ Management games I would be really interested to hear from you in a PM. All that is required is a working microphone that sounds relatively clear (to save an editing headache).

    If you want to see the project develop you can check the following links;


    News Blog:

    STEAM Group:

    Special thanks to Socom for guiding me to a posting section :P

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    Re: The Growing Collective - A personal project

    So it's been one hell of a week in terms of video and blog development;

    # I get hands on with the FireFall Open BETA detailing my first impressions and opening a series as I'm guided around by Community Moderator CptFancyPants;

    # I also opened a Let's Play Anno 2070 series, if you like city builders and civ management games this is one for you! Running up to #4

    Feedback always appreciated.


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      Re: The Growing Collective - A personal project

      Whooooaaaaa, 9 days. Far too long for a quick update as I launch 2 brand new series;




      TeamSpeak 3 Server


      Twitter Feed