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F2P Co-op Game : Airmech

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  • F2P Co-op Game : Airmech

    Hello everyone, been mostly absent from TG for a while, since my PC couldn't keep up with BF3

    Just wanted to share a fun little game my friends and I have recently picked up. It's not a typical TG game, but has a unique gameplay that is FAST and furious, with lots of strategy. It is currently in open beta, and Free to Play - while NOT being Pay To Win. The items for purchase are mainly cosmetic and not game changing. It would be great to have some fellow TGers playing with us - we can make a "faction" in game to buddy up.

    Anyway it runs well on older PC's, is free, and a fun co-op game to try out. Lots of potential considering it's still in Beta, though it has been for some time now.

    It's available on Steam, PC, and Chrome (don't recommend the chrome version). If you want to check it out please use my referral link, and you will get 1000 free kudos (in game currency) for doing so and I get a bonus if you reach level 5 :)

    Housekeeper's referral link:

    Steam store page:

    Carbon Games Forum:

    In game action on Youtube:

    When you get online, add me as a friend "Housekeeping". The community is still quite small but growing rapidly, as they approach the game's release.

    * Tactical Skid Loader specialist *
    BF2142 Vet, Hopeful for BF4. Currently playing Airmech [Open Beta]& TF2



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