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How can I increase my FPS in Planetside 2?

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  • How can I increase my FPS in Planetside 2?

    Hi guys, I've recently noticed my Planetside 2 (PS2) is lacking in FPS speed and performance, and I would like to know how to increase my fps.
    I've already done the following things, got in to UserOptions for PS2, and basically killed my ultra settings
    >Turned all my settings to low
    >Turned my render quality down
    Just things that mess with the actual game settings.
    I've heard good things about Razor Game Booster, but never sought to use it since I don't know how much it will increase my FPS.
    I have also heard about the upcoming update about Optimizing PS2 so it can run with the PS4 settings and graphics limit.

    Notice, I have a quad core and all of the cores are unlocked, and I have a Radeon HD 6670.
    When I check my fps, I am getting around a good 40 FPS, but around say Tech Labs or Bio Labs I am getting a horrid 18-20 FPS.

    So if you have any advice to give me, that would be so grateful!


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    Re: How can I increase my FPS in Planetside 2?

    1) Which quad-core do you have?

    2) Press alt+f in-game to bring up an fps counter that will also give you an indication if you are GPU or CPU bound. Dollars to donuts, you're limited by your GPU when you're at warpgate getting ~40 fps, and CPU limited in the big battles when you're getting ~20 FPS.

    3) Chances are you can turn most of the graphics settings up some without effecting your performance. In fact, it is likely to improve your performance to some degree, as it seems to shift the work off the CPU to the GPU. (I get my best all-round FPS on Ultra settings, though my max FPS is lower)

    4) If you can manage it safely, overclocking your CPU might be your best bet. PS2 is pretty poor at utilizing multiple cores, but increasing the clock speed helps a fair bit.

    5) Long story short, dipping 18-20 FPS in big battles is pretty common, even for higher-end systems. I re-built my PC four months ago, and I dip to ~25 in the really big battles.
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      Re: How can I increase my FPS in Planetside 2?

      Thank you! But if I ever do overclock my CPU I need cooling, so that will definetly happen.
      Thanks for the info, it really helps.


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        Re: How can I increase my FPS in Planetside 2?

        We have a PS2 forum, you posted your question in the wrong place.

        Post it here.

        Or even better post it at the official ps2 forums where there are many many discussions about your very subject.




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