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How to fail at a heist..

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  • How to fail at a heist..

    So Sirnerd, Lancer, Scattershot and I were playing Payday 2, just like most of the TG community is playing and we were trying to do the day 1 of Framing Frame as a stealth mission. Everything was going good, all we had left was the guard in the security room, and the guard in the lobby left, we wanted to handcuff the guard in the security room so we don't have to worry about the cameras that were watching the lobby guard. So, Lancer, Sirnerd, and I went into the security room, after i used my ECM Jammer on the door, and all 3 of us rushed the guard to tell him to get on the ground, and look what happened....

    Yea, what a FAIL that was. Scattershot couldn't live with the embarrassment so he jumped off the side of the building...

    This is a story of what not to do... :D

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    Re: How to fail at a heist..

    That security guard must've been The Flash, I've never seen anyone so quick to cuff someone or let alone a group!

    "Certainly, being bombarded with 105 millimeter shells is bad. But the knowledge that you've armed your enemy thus, with your sloth and your ineptitude, unfolds in the heart like a poison." Tycho from Penny Arcade in reference to the nuke in MW2




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