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  • GroundBranch

    Some of you may remember Ground Branch from a Kickstarter last year. The game looked amazing but didn't get funded, well I just received this email from the KS account.

    Calling all Ground Branch supporters..... the time has come to finalize our plan to move forward with funding Ground Branch and could use some valuable feedback from our loyal supporters.

    Lots of work has been put into Ground Branch over the past year, but as you can imagine, without actual funding things are slow. We decided that a second full blown Kickstarter campaign was not something we wanted to tackle though. Partly due to KS overload and the resources involved with pulling off another full campaign. Believe it or not, it takes a LOT of work and time.

    Check out to get an idea of whats been going on if you haven't been following.

    So we have determined that the best course of action is to follow in the footsteps of some other ‘small developer’ made titles and go the "Alpha Early Access" route to fund as we go. Successful titles like Natural Selection 2, Overgrowth and Prison Architect are great examples of how this is beneficial to all parties involved. To do this in the way that we want, we need to be able to have a solid Pre-Alpha build ready to go when that campaign is launched. People will need a tangible idea of what GB is all about. This is where our loyal supporters come in.......

    To complete the Pre-Alpha build to an acceptable state in a timely manner we need to secure a budget of roughly $25,000. The money will specifically be used for:

    Content creation to round out the initial map(s)
    Completing creation of enough weapons and gear to accurately show off customization features
    Reworking of character models to better utilize revamped customization features
    Bring on person to work specifically on UI
    Have professional redone for a more polish presentation with official Pre-Sell ecommerce component added ( not to exceed $3,000)
    While we will do the Alpha Early Access ourselves, we have also contacted Valve about doing an official Early Access sale on Steam and they are interested. However, they would like to see a more polished and complete build before committing. So here we are, suggesting a "low key" kickstarter campaign specifically targeted to our loyal supporters and previous backers without a lot of PR. This new campaign will be the funding we need to "kickstart" development into a higher gear so that we can reach our goals faster. The idea is to keep this KS lean and focused on you (that means we may re-use some things from the previous KS). Though feel free to show it to friends... we won't turn anyone away! And to alleviate some concerns surrounding what GB was going to be, the final product will have a robust Single Player and co-op component which you would have input on. So by funding this way, we believe Ground branch will be a more well rounded title.

    We would greatly appreciate it if you could take a couple of minutes to complete this survey to help us out:

    Rest assured that by pledging you will receive the FULL Ground Branch release (and more) when it’s done. You will NOT need to buy in again at any time. You will also receive access to our live development wiki and private forum access where you will be able help shape the game during this process. And get some juicy inside info only available to you( There is already some that we can't share publicly yet, but you would know as a supporter). Playable builds will be available at some point before finishing the Pre-Alpha as well.

    Ground Branch is being made. But we need a little help in getting over this hump so that we can open the flood gates and finally get development moving at a consistent pace and get the game we all want to play faster.

    - The BFS Team

    Former Pathfinder
    Former ARMA Admin
    Former ARMA TGU instructor
    Former TGU Headmaster
    Current Noob
    Im also pretty bad at World of Tanks -

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    Re: GroundBranch

    Nice. It's good to hear that GB is still on track despite the KS setback.


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      Re: GroundBranch

      Great news, been following this for ages and was very sad when it missed it's initial KS target.


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        Re: GroundBranch

        Thanks for the update Bola! What they have shown so far looks very promising and $25,000 is a very achievable goal on KS imo, so hopefully they will have more success this time around. I'll most likely pledge if they put up another campaign so they have at least one more customer than last time.

        I also love the guys dead pan introduction to their explosions! :D


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          Re: GroundBranch

          GB announced today that they're taking another shot at funding through Kickstarter in January on their website:


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            Re: GroundBranch

            Two new updates!

            -Development has moved to Unreal Engine 4

            -And something that may cause a few of us to get a little nervous. BlackFoot Studios has become official Sony Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita developers!


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              Re: GroundBranch

              More updates on one of my most anticipated games, if not the most.

              First we have demo of sorts that will be released soon. You will be able to walk around a map area just to get a feel for the level design etc.

              Somethings coming and here is a preview | – Official website

              Next up we have the Team Rooms announcement.


              This is a fantastic concept and something I have wanted in a tactical shooter for, well, ever. I even included something similar in a write up I did for my 'Dream Game'.

              To best describe it's functionality here is a quote from the Lead Dev himself, J. Sonedecker from the Blackfoot Studios forums. (Please pay a visit if you are interested).

              "Ground Branch will use the concept of a 'Team Room' as a place to start the game from. It is here where you will customize your gear, set up missions, receive and go over intel as well as hang out with teammates before, during and after MP and co-op missions. There will also be oppurtunities to customize your Team Room as well.

              One part of your Team Room is the Operations Room that is shown here. This is where the Intel/Mission magic happens and every one of these monitors/screens will be interactive for various purposes. This is a clean unaltered screen grab from the editor and I'm sure you can get an idea of what some things do just by looking around."
              "In this particular room you will be able to get world news/intel and look through that to keep tabs on whats going on in potential hot spots(SP/Co-Op) as well as select and plan missions. The team feeds may be used for you to see other team's on missions(not sure). It is also where you will go when you die in a MP/Co-Op mission while you wait for it to complete. There are a couple other areas as well, but I don't want to give it all away."
              Here is another beautiful little detail

              "Another cool thing that will be hooked up eventually... Kris?!... is the world clock will be accurate based off your local time. So it will read your system time for 'local' and adjust the rest from there.

              I like to add little details like that to maps where I can."
              A short video demonstrating amongst other things, secondary sights, smoke effects and flashbangs (without doubt the best flashbang effect I have ever seen in a game).

              Another video, this one covers weather effects.

              If you are interested in a truly tactical shooter where the Developers talk the talk and walk the walk, keep an eye on this. Whilst others have fallen short of the mark this is clearly a labour of love for people that really do know what they're doing, the time taken, the attention to detail and the sheer effort is something to be admired and supported.


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                Re: GroundBranch

                I have been watching this with great interest and anticipation. I only wish it is finished before my expiration date.




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