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Hello, everyone!

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  • Hello, everyone!

    Greetings TG community!

    I figured i should introduce myself first and ask questions later:)

    My name is Mark. I'm originally from Russia, but currently finishing my master's degree in audio engineering in Spain.
    Besides music my next-big passion is tactical gaming - be it squad-based shooters like Rainbow 6, SWAT, earlier Ghost Recon series, or top-notch strategy games like Total War, Civilization and StarCraft alike.
    Unfortunately, following the current trend of "simplification" of user experience and profit focused gaming industry (naming CoD and alike), such games become a privilege of a few. Anyone heard of a new worthwhile tactical squad-based shooter recently ( takedown doesn't count as it unfortunately fails to qualify as worthwhile)? Exactly. The genre is almost dead, IMHO...

    And then I stumbled upon ArmA series and your community. You guys, are all a hungered soul like mine longed for all these years!

    I hope to become a proud member and a trustworthy brother in arms for you all.

    See you on the battlefield;)

    P.S.: Having dealt with the introduction part, can anyone please shed some light as to how your servers operate? Meaning - is there a specific date or time when everyone gathers to play a mission, or is it log-in and play? Thanks, in advance!

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    Re: Hello, everyone!


    Welcome aboard. I'm glad you found TacticalGamer. TG hosts many servers and supports quite a few games including ARMA 3 of course. One theme you'll find here is the TG community playing the title becomes equally if not more important than the game itself. It's the teamwork, cooperation and esprit d'corp TG brings to the table that maximizes the gameplay experience. Games like COD or BF3 or BF4 and certainly ARMA really reach their full potential on TG servers because of the type of players and gameplay that is more common than not.

    Each title has a subforum. Check in on the ARMA subforum here:

    We use teamspeak both as a central meeting point and as a tool for comms in some titles. Teamspeak server info can be found here:

    As far as ARMA is concerned you can find players pick up sessions mostly in the evening (U.S. time). Most of the players will sit on the TS server while in game so this is a good place to start. This can be hit or miss depending on the server traffic but most nights there are at least one or two or more in the server running coop missions.

    We also run organized events on a weekly or bi weekly basis. The events are posted in the ARMA forums and require you to sign up and of course then show up. These events typically showcase excellent ARMA gameplay including structured leadership and platoon action and really feature some of the the best TG ARMA action. These sessions typically run from 2-4 hours per mission.

    ARMA is my first love but I've been playing BF4 the past 3 months or so. Blasphemy I know...Despite the obvious differences between the two what draws me in is the excellent teamwork and communication with my fellow TG gamers, especially my own in house squad the 1st Mechanized Infantry Platoon. (you'll learn more about in house squad soon). The 1st was born of BF2 and has reinvented itself time and again with each iteration of the BF series. All this to say that excellent teamwork and gameplay is happening there too.

    Look for me in either title and I'd be glad to help show you the ropes on the server.

    ARMA Admin (retired)
    Pathfinder-Spartan 5


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      Re: Hello, everyone!

      Welcome aboard! There are a number of games under our umbrella, just jump onto the forums to see what the active playerbase is like, and ask them their experiences to get a feel for a game. ARMA sounds like the big one now, but we have an active Battlefield 4 community, and while it's a more fluid experience model, any TG squad should provide you what you're looking for in a tactical sense.

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