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New (well, almost new!) Guitar Day! Jackson Dinky 7-string "cheapy"

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  • New (well, almost new!) Guitar Day! Jackson Dinky 7-string "cheapy"

    I got me one of these:

    and a set of these for it:

    I know there are several guitar players on here, so I thought I would share my new toy!:icon_bigg

    In past years, I have had several 7-string guitars, from cheap ones to REALLY expensive ones, and have not been able to like them enough to keep them, mostly because I am picky and have tiny little "girly" hands, and man, most necks on 7-string guitars are like giant hunks of table leg! I have been on the lookout for a while now for a "small necked" 7-string, and had just about given up and was going to try one of the Agiles when I saw this on ebay from Crazy Dave's Music and thought for that little amount of money (relatively speaking) I would give it a shot, and it even came with a gig bag that it fits into!! I got this Jackson in the mail yesterday and got it out last night..and to be honest, I am really impressed. If it was "used" then it wasn't much as there is not a mark on it, and even the plastic cover stuff was still on the pickups. And speaking of those pickups, they are far superior to any other cheapy-line guitar pickups that I have messed with. They are "almost" good enough to leave in there, but since I already have a new set of Blackouts setting there for it, I will go ahead and pull the stock stuff this weekend and throw in the duncans. And I will say that it is the EXACT SAME GUITAR as the $1800 (or however much it is) version except with a bolt-on instead of set neck, because I went and played one..I even played the signature model from the Megadeth guy and it was no better than this one, and this one is just right out of the box..

    So anyway, if anyone wants a cheap, decent 7-string with the 12"-16" radius compound neck, then I recommend one of these..maybe I will end up hating it like the Ibanez and the Schecter, but I don't think has the smallest neck I have ever played for a 7-string, and hopefully I will continue to enjoy it for a long, long time!



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