Hi Fellas,

I'm sorry if this is not the right place to place this thread, in which case my sincere apologies to the admins/mods for the inconvenience caused.

The reason behind this thread is I wanted to get some suggestions on a project that my friends & I are working on and since it is based on gaming, I would need opinions/suggestions from gamers like yourselves.

To lay it down, we are trying to create an online community based on Massively multiplayer or not so massively multiplayer online games. For example, we plan to pitch let us say Americans & Chinese gamers against each other in a game like BF4 - online. So an american team of 40 players and a chinese team of 40 players can fight it out online, with each player playing a role, some assaulting, some sniping, so on & so forth. There will be a rank system where in a higher ranked player acts as a commander to a team & directs their tactics. So, in a way 10 such battles will involve 800 people at a time on I'm guessing 10 different servers.

Similarly, we plan to do the same in other games like football for example where in a game of 22 players, each player is handled by 1 american/chinese & managed/coached by a real player.

Now, we don't have a lot of experience in gaming, all I ever played was CS 1.6, so my knowledge is very limited, hence requesting the community for their suggestions on the following :

1. what are the games we can use here? In FPS/Sports/Racing etc. Please keep in mind that any such game should support mods that will need to be developed to make this kind of gameplay possible (like for example, I think BF4 includes a Commander view or something)
2. what are the technical difficulties we are likely to face - server set ups? I'm sure latency is one thing. How do you get 100 odd players who are geographically dispersed on a single sever & still ensure a 'playable' environment on the server?
3. Any other challenge that you guys think we would face?

This will be a lot of help & I would be very grateful for your recommendations/suggestions/views.

Thanks in advance.