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Footage from B-R Battle Eve Online

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  • [VIDEO] Footage from B-R Battle Eve Online

    If you haven't seen the fight, here is your chance. I'll grab the info from the page for you guys to read of who and what happened and how many titans were involved -

    (Info came from Youtube profile - Rooksandkings)
    1080p recommended! Since we support neither of the coalitions, a late night trip to B-R with a scout provided a chance to sit back and enjoy the view. Besides, one of my missions is always to remind people that Eve is not only one of the most tactically deep games ever created but also boasts some of the grandest scenes in MMO gaming. A 4K gallery of the battle is available here:

    The battle is between the coalitions of CFC/RUS/BL and N3/PL. A new record of 75 titans died in the fight, with 59 kills for the former against 16 kills for the latter.

    The footage here mostly varies between real-time and 200% to compensate for fluctuations in Time Dilation, i.e. not very sped up or altered and a fairly close approximation of the feel of the battle.

    If anyone unfamiliar with Eve is viewing this and is curious about the mechanics, a video like CC3 or Anatomy of a Fight will show more about the nature of the game's campaigns and battles:

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    Re: Footage from B-R Battle Eve Online

    YEEEHAAA! Were all clear kid now lets blow this thing and get outa here! Epic!




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