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    Good free pc REAL f2p game anywhere

    Ps, is Star Wars the old republic free er now

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    Re: Games

    Planetside 2

    /thread :P

    Planetside is a good one to break in a new PC, it'll use everything you have.

    World of Tanks and War Thunder are popular as well, for good reason.
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      Re: Games

      That was my FAV but I can't my internet is horrible it's that stupid xfinity and in using a wireless adapter anything else?


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        Re: Games

        And I tried the to bottom ones


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          Re: Games

          War Thunder
          World of Tanks
          World of Warplanes
          Mech Warrior Online
          EverQuest 1
          EverQuest 2
          Planetside 2
          Star Wars: the Old Republic
          League of Legends
          Dota 2
          Lord of the Rings Online
          Battlefield Play4Free (Battlefield 2)
          Ghost Recon Online
          The Settlers Online
          Team Fortress 2
          Tribes: Ascend
          Quake Live
          World of Warcraft (up to Level 20)
          Gotham City Imposters
          Need for Speed World
          Heroes & Generals
          Command & Conquer: Tiberium Alliances
          APB Reloaded
          Path of Exile
          DC Universe Online


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            Re: Games

            Eve Online is kind of free. You can buy plex cards in the game with ingame money which allows you to have a 30 day subscription. which i did do for a bit when i played a while back, I used it for one of my accounts so i wouldn't have to pay 30 or 45 dollars a month for 3 accounts. only really had to pay 15 dollars a month for 1 account and the other 2 were free from plex cards.


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              Re: Games

              SWTOR is free, but as a free player you are seriously hampered in content, sort of. A free player can play all the single player bits, you can level up toons in each class to see the story line, but it will be slower to level without being a sub. Being a sub gives you access to everything for the $15 a month, or pay for Cartel Coins to get access, which will cost you more in the end. That includes all levels of clothing, ability to level at a reasonable rate, access to all the PvP you want(warzones and space battles), no cap to amount of in-game money you can have. F2P allows you into some end game content, again it is limited, I believe is is one a week. Well worth being a sub for a couple months. In fact I just dropped my sub this week after being a sub since release.

              IMO, if you want to play a decent story line game, a serious time sink, take forever to get through that content. not worry about end game content, not play PvP, not really socialize in a MMORPG.. Free2Play is the way to go, if you want all the bells and whistles pay the sub.

              Anyone interested in playing SWTOR on a more social, relaxed manner, the guild I belong too is a bunch of great helpful people. If you want an invite, PM me for info. In fact |TG-18th|ogmogul is still the guild master of it.
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                Re: Games

                ahhh Imperial Agent FTW!! lol

                That's my girl!!! AWWW YEAH!!! lol




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