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Guns of Icarus Online - 75% off

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  • Guns of Icarus Online - 75% off

    Guns of Icarus Online is 75% off on The Humble Store right now. Only $3.75!

    For those who don't know, Guns of Icarus is a steampunk-style airship combat game. Each airship has a crew of four players who are free to run around the ship, man the helm and weapons, spot targets and repair damaged components. The captain can choose between multiple ships and multiple weapon loadouts, players can choose between different equipment options to specialize into gunner/engineer/pilot roles.

    I picked it up and I've played for several hours today. It's ridiculous fun to play with 3 friends.

    Does nobody else from TG play this? It's a game where good teamwork and communication is what really separates a good crew from a poor one, there's in-game crew and captain-only VOIP channels to support this. I figured there'd be some players here, but I can't find any record of this on the forums.

    Edit: I didn't catch this right away, and I think the sale it actually going to end in just a couple hours, but the regular price of $15 is more than fair as it is.
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    Re: Guns of Icarus Online - 75% off

    I play Guns of Icarus!

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