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  • Fresh Meat for the Grinder

    Hello all,

    I just found this forum after an exhaustive search for a mature gaming community that didn't have dead forums or cater to one particular game. After lurking in your forums for a couple of days, and liking what I see, I thought I would introduce myself.

    The TL;DR version:

    I'm a married mid-30-something with no kids (DINK!) who works in IT, specifically network administration for a higher education institution. I have a severe love of gaming, particularly FPS and Space Combat Sims. MMORPGs would also be at the top of my list, but I have yet to find one that satisfies me. (ESO BETA has my hopes up when it goes live...) Although, I feel that no genre is without its merits.

    Games I am currently playing:

    Battlefield 4

    Games I am looking forward to:
    Star Citizen
    The Division
    Elder Scrolls Online

    I found TG after I realized that getting my butt kicked in Rust was not fun and that I needed to find a gaming family again. My previous community (502ndPIR, an RTCW competition clan) has slowly drifted apart as real life has caught up with most of us.

    Anyway, this intro was longer than I thought. :) Nice to meet everybody!

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    Re: Fresh Meat for the Grinder

    Welcome to TG .. If you are looking for a mature place that plays a multitude of games, for the long haul .. you definitely found the right place.

    You should check out our BF4 server.. Packed everynight, well almost every night. Get on Teamspeak, its where all the cool kids hang out.
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      Re: Fresh Meat for the Grinder

      Welcome aboard. As you prolly noticed, we have quite a large and active playerbase in multiple games. Our BF4 server is great, and we also have a Dayz Steam group with quite a few active players to team up with.

      See you out there.


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        Re: Fresh Meat for the Grinder


        Sounds pretty familiar, mid-30's Network Administrator, except +3 kids under 5.


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          Re: Fresh Meat for the Grinder

          Thanks for the warm welcome, guys. I will definitely see about finding the BF4 server this weekend. And I joined the TGRust Steam group, so I will hopefully see some of you on there later this week, as well.


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            Re: Fresh Meat for the Grinder

            Good to see you Roter...Many of us found TG searching google for "tactical team play" or similar type quests. Once you are in you'll never leave.

            Looking forward to squadding up sometime soon. We run an excellent ARMA server too.
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              Re: Fresh Meat for the Grinder

              Welcome RoterPunkt, i found this like you, looking for TEAMPLAY games, hard these days...i have some lonewolf momments like all but when i jump on their BF4 i change the chip only to play for the squad....great guys, they have some serius players here and you will learn.
              im on another clan but this is a community and that is the best part for guys like us, you can choose to join to be a supporting member with all the divisions they have or join the Irregulars, lots of choices for you.

              See you ingame, when you hear a bad english, that is me! ;)

              PS: THE DIVISION will be THE game to play...i will see you there , look for marpla78!
              Saludos, marpla live from Argentina!



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                Re: Fresh Meat for the Grinder

                Welcome M8!

                Also if you like FPS and Space games be sure to check out our awesome Planetside2 Outfit. We field a 48 player platoon most friday nights and are on most nights.




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