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I don't know what to do with old PC gear/software...

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  • I don't know what to do with old PC gear/software...

    After a long time with video and computer gaming, I've acquired a lot of stuff, A LOT... my side of the closet is packed full of computer stuff, keyboards, sticks, game-pads, and software. Along with a corner in the garage for even more stuff.

    I have a old PC I bought from someone at SimHQ, a "legecy" PC that is setup to run and play the old great games like Longbow 2, and Janes F-15, which I still have. It has that old Voodoo Monster card. Along with the manuals for those games, along with many spiral type manuals that were released back then, mostly for the flight sims, Black Shark, that leather binder someone made and sold for Lock On. And I think Falcon 4 with the old binder instructions is in thier deep. I have 2 HOTAS's from back then, X-52's I believe, along with 2 or 3 flight sticks. Keyboards, and even 3 different Xbox360/PS3 console gameplay recorders that I used for reviews, don't use anymore. Thats not even counting all the extra parts and stuff I have, old graphic cards, sound cards, DVD recorders, etc etc.

    Also, even thou I'm all digital now, I still have a tons of old school games and disk like the Ghost Recon series, Raven Shield, Operation Flashpoint, all the old and new Combat Mission disk, even VBS1 and 2, along with extras like VBS Vietnam, not even sure I'm allowed to give those away.

    I will never use them again, my wife wants them gone... but as us hardcore gamers know, some of that stuff is classic, hard to find, museum style stuff. ;)

    I don't want to sell and ship it one by one... maybe a craigslist, come and get it all for one small price... I don't know. I got all this PC gaming gold, don't need it or want it around anymore, but I can't seem to let it go, a PC horder! ;)


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    Re: I don't know what to do with old PC gear/software...

    Sell what you know is valuable, recycle everything else.

    God isn't making more precious metals.


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      Re: I don't know what to do with old PC gear/software...

      I say you keep it. Box it all up and put it somewhere else in the attic or garage or a storage unit. Years from now you'll be glad you did.

      The Craigs list thing will work but I imagine your potential buyers would be bigger if you listed it here at TG or SimHQ.

      I played Jane's WWII Flight Sim for years and wish I still had it. That was one of my first games, long before I discovered online gaming communities and multiplayer play.
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