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    Hey everyone,

    TL;DR: Radio show about video games.

    As some of you know, on the internet, I go by Frosty2200. I have played on many TG servers throughout my gaming time; from roaming around with the PlanetSide 2 groups to playing on the BF2:Project Reality server back in the day.

    A few months ago my roommates and I started a radio talk-show called, "The Guild of Geeks," (TGoG) and honestly if you play video games I think you would enjoy listening to it.

    Who are we? The Guild of Geeks has four DJs: DJ Madman (me), DJ Hotshot, DJ Flatline, and DJ Freshie Fresh. We are a bunch of guys who live together and play video games. Since we like talking to each other about video games we decided to get a radio show in order to be able to talk to others about them as well. The radio show is hosted through Longwood University, where we all go to school, which means we cannot curse during the live shows. On the other hand, some of the stuff on our YouTube channel will have cursing in it because that will not be through the University.

    What do you guys play? Each of us have our niche that we enjoy playing, but most of us will venture outside our normal stuff and play different things. Personally, I enjoy FPSs that use teamwork and tactics which is why I look out for TG servers. DJ Hotshot tends to play strategy games like the recently released Banished, while DJ Flatline plays MOBAs and RPGs. DJ Freshie Fresh is our wild card as he tends to play a lot of Flash and FTP games.

    So what do you guys talk about? On the show we generally have four segments each approximately 15 minutes long: News, Highlights, Review, and The Grab Bag. News is anything from industry talk to newly announced video games. Highlights is where we talk about games that we've either played some of or have seen quite a bit of footage about. Our review segment is when we personally do a review of a game that at least one of the DJs has been playing; so far we have reviewed Rust and Thief. The Grab Bag is where TGoG really interacts with our audience. Every week we ask for people to submit any gaming related topic they want us to talk about, we then take these and randomly pick them from a hat.

    Well when do you guys air and how can we listen? The Guild of Geeks is live Fridays at 9PM EST. If you go to our website you can find the 'Listen live' button as well as a countdown timer.

    Feel free to talk to us anywhere you can (I can't add links currently so search for "The Guild of Geeks"):
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