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  • Killing Floor 2

    Killing Floor 2 is coming!

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    Re: Killing Floor 2

    Great news!


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      Re: Killing Floor 2

      I will definitely buy it as soon as its available. I loved KF1, and am very stoked for KF2. I just wish it was on UT4 engine, instead of the now outdated UT3 engine.
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        Re: Killing Floor 2

        Already very excited about the changes being implemented in KF2. Definitely ordering it when it comes up for pre-sale on Steam.

        The major ones that caught my attention:

        1. Dismemberment system (GHOUL like)
        2. SDK with Limelight (Steam) support. Hopefully a documentation library go with it to boot too. This alone is probably going to be far better than the KF1 SDK which was barebones to say the least.
        3. Mod support. This is something Tripwire has been adamant about since RO1 and KF1. Hopefully this means a nice API for modders to plug into along with the SDK and documentation. Also hoping updates no longer break mods as severely as they do now.

        I plan on putting this on my box and hosting a server when they release a dedicated server package for it. :)
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