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20th Anniversary of Need for Speed (video)

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  • 20th Anniversary of Need for Speed (video)

    Been 20 years, and I remember buying and playing the very first one, my most memorial moment had to be the first time I played the Need for Speed SE game made just for the Monster Voodoo 3D graphic card, it was a piggy back graphic card only used for a few games, but I remember driving through a canyon and hitting a wall of bugs that splat on my screen, was so incredible for the time.

    The best sim type one had to be that Porsche Unlimited version, then they got stupid with those story ones, didn't like, tuner cars, now back to the Hot Pursuit series, and the latest version, thou online only (which sucks), is awesome and well made, a true patrol the streets type of racer game.

    here's to 20 years of Need for Speed:

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