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New Tactical Gamer YouTube Channel - Relaunch

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  • New Tactical Gamer YouTube Channel - Relaunch

    As most of you know, Tactical Gamer has had a YouTube channel for some time. It's been active on and off throughout the years and most recently in a state of inactivity. We plan on breathing new life into our YouTube channel moving forward and to try and leverage the new channel to bring increased exposure to our community and help draw in new like-minded gamers. As part of a recent integration between TG and various social media networks, we have established a new channel that is now tied into our official Google+ profile. While it was a tough decision to drop the old channel, the lack of recent activity has made this choice easier. Now we begin the process of rebuilding!

    Tactical Gamer Official YouTube Channel - I encourage you to check out the new channel and subscribe!

    What's next? We are re-building a video production team and are looking for individuals who are interested in promoting Tactical Gamer through their video talents. We are also looking for people to help curate the channel and find new and interesting videos to feature. If this is something you would like to get involved in, please send me a Private Message and I can help get you rolling.
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