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WOW, can't believe my old forum is still up...

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  • WOW, can't believe my old forum is still up...

    Back in 2009 I had a falling out with Tactical Gamer, got suspended a couple of times, new leadership I didn't see eye to eye on running things... all water under the bridge now but...

    Ran into an old post of mine about a web site and forum I put up mostly more for console gamers, back in 2009.. the site is down but I was surprised to see the forum still up... it didn't take off, few joined... so DONT JOIN NOW, I was just sharing my surprise of it's existence...not looking for members, will probably officially shut it down now. oh the memories thou of good gaming back in the day.

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    Re: WOW, can't believe my old forum is still up...

    It's hosted at one of them "free forum" hosts. Those type of sites are notorious for almost never getting around to removing any forum even if you ask for one to be deleted/removed (or is inactive/dead for years on end). It'll probably stay live until the host collapses. :p
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      Re: WOW, can't believe my old forum is still up...

      My old house of cookies site is still up... Lol... Last time it got used was when th had a 2142 ihs scrim.




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