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Feed The Beast Monster Mod Pack for Minecraft

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  • Feed The Beast Monster Mod Pack for Minecraft

    So a few friends and I been messing around on Minecraft with the Feed the Beast mod (pretty sure most of you know about it). Been messing with the Monster Modpack with a few extra mods added like morph, and others. Here are some pictures of our home, and my new thaumcraft building -

    Home is equipped with a force field to protect the home from those devestating meteors -

    An inside look of our production room and crafting room -

    Here is the 2nd level of the home where we have our storage and duplicating machines from Rotarycraft. Allows us to turn 1 iron ore block into 9 iron ingots (requires tons of power). Also we have our ME Assemling chamber where we can put a recipe in there and on a ME Access Terminal we type in the item and it makes it for us (if we have the materials available) -

    Side view of the thaumcraft building with our home in the backround -

    Top down view of the Thaumcraft building. Floor is covered with Obsidian glass to give it that feel of your about to fall through but you can't -

    Closer shot of the Thaumcraft building to give you a better look on the inside -

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    Re: Feed The Beast Monster Mod Pack for Minecraft

    Never mind. Answered my own question with a quick Google search: Feed the Beast :: Minecraft Modpacks - Texture pack - Maps

    Still only 1.6.4. The other modpack versions are still 1.5 or older. Meh.
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      Re: Feed The Beast Monster Mod Pack for Minecraft

      Whats the hologram thing on your Nuclear Power Plant? Thats kinda cool. I have a setup like that one on my buddies server, I tied in EnderIO to it as well. I have a 7mil RF capacitor that powers my house which is tied to a power monitor that directly controls the nuclear reactor. When the capacitor is over 98% full it shuts down the reactor to save fuel, once it hits 67% it fires the reactor up and refills it. Pretty nifty if I do say so myself ;)


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        Re: Feed The Beast Monster Mod Pack for Minecraft

        It produces the shield on top of out home. we were using it to stop meteors falling through it, but it looks like it doesn't work. meteors seem to pass through it, so my friend sloshyrabbit needs to invest in meteor defense guns to take them out.


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          Re: Feed The Beast Monster Mod Pack for Minecraft

          Pretty cool. I've been playing Sky Factory off of the AT Launcher with a buddy.




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