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    So I play CS:GO a lot and it is probably one of the best games due to it's competetiv nature and the ability to customize your guns. Also you can join leagues and do MLG styled tournaments with others. I was wondering if TG wanted to have a part in this. Although the game is a couple of years old, it is still one of the most stramed and played games ever since it always is updated. So do we have any TG Comp players around because I want to get Global Elite (Highest Rank) and I am only Silver Elite. Or can we get a section going and get a TG section within CS GO, because I feel like it is a very tactical game that would be enjoyable to do in house tournaments in.

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    Re: Counter Striker: Global Offensive <- This is about as far as I got with a similar effort. I even did a CAA thread in the CS forum and it got some views but no responses. Not sure what the hesitation is. I'd love to see a CS:GO server the same as our old CS:S server (6 minute rounds, slow, tactical effort). All I can find these days are rush, spray and pray games.

    I know I've got at least 6 or 7 names excluding mine that would love to see a TGCS:GO dedicated server. There is a TS area for CS:GO and we have players. Talk to Stuntguru about this. They try to play regularly but their dedicated server is hosted locally by a user, and not always up or populated.

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