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Red Bull giving people free Red Bull

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  • Red Bull giving people free Red Bull

    Didn't grow wings. Didn't get a better KD? Couldn't jump higher? Couldn't hold down that pizza party?

    Disappointments in Red Bulls advertising campaign entitles you to $10 dollars or $15 in red bull products.

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    Re: Red Bull giving people free Red Bull

    WTH...people sued Red Bull over those commercials? Are you kidding me? Goodness. People have no sense of humor nowadays.
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      Re: Red Bull giving people free Red Bull

      13 million? That's a drop in the bucket. Between the free publicity and the good PR, I'll bet Red Bull comes out way ahead on this.

      If I were a conspiracy theorist I'd say they clandestinely hired some lawyers to set this up!

      But it strikes me more as just the idiocy of a culture that has come to treat lawsuits as a tool to exploit for financial gain rather than to achieve restitution for a meaningful loss.
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