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the future of simulations? so they say...

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  • the future of simulations? so they say...

    Looks like it might be worth following... probably still a ways away...

    TITANim - The Future of Simulation
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    Re: the future of simulations? so they say...

    Kinda feels like Arma 2 but with a larger map. I don't see why this would be a ways away at all.

    On second thought, it looks more like a RTS game than a first-person shooter. Revising my "feel" to more inline with Cities in Motion XL or another city building simulator.
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      Re: the future of simulations? so they say...

      I have personally worked with Laser Shot who is one of the backers of this program. They supply the Military and Law Enforcement with cutting edge simulators to train Soldiers and Officers. One of the Project Managers showed me this system months ago. I remarked then that it looked like Arma2. BI, to my knowledge has worked with the US Military in the past, and its obvious to me that the new contractors are building on what they started.




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