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European communities like Tactical Gamer?

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  • European communities like Tactical Gamer?

    I really like TG, but since most players are american and play in american servers, that translates into high pings and weird play timetables for european players. I really enjoy the teamwork and organisation, but have no intention in getting into something less flexible and open, such as a clan or something. I remember the old Project Reality days in which you just needed to drop in almost any squad and start enjoying decent teamplay on the go with a bunch of strangers. Also they normally didn't take themselves too seriously, I'm not after a realistic combat simulation with all the papa, delta, bravo, charlies at your six thing.

    So, does anyone know about any good/large/active enough european community similart to Tactical Gamer? (mostly western european if possible, I have the same ping and schedule issues with eastern european communities, plus most russians don't speak english ^^).

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    Re: European communities like Tactical Gamer?

    Sorry if it's not allowed.

    For BF4 you might want to have a look at these clans/communities. Play a lot with them and they are good players. Teamwork with humor.:)
    Monkey Gamers. (Have there own server. Vanilla classic)
    Dead Friends. (Have 2 servers. Vanilla classic inf. only and DLC)
    Section7. (Don't have there own server anymore)
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      Re: European communities like Tactical Gamer?

      I'm not sure there is anything really like TG in Europe. I'm in the UK and have been Gaming with TG since 2005.

      I use to participate in a campaign style tournament back in the BF2 (Mod's) days called European Battlefield Command (now defunct) and I know a lot decent ppl that I use to play with there are now part of/running Anarchy UK. They have a few BF4 servers last I looked. Haven't gamed with them for some time though. If you make contact with them, have a chat with Entravenus or Physicist, two really decent blokes, and see if they suit what you are looking for.

      *EDIT Looks like they are in the middle of setting up a new website and changing URL's, the previous link will be dead by 31st DEC. New website is HERE
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        Re: European communities like Tactical Gamer?

        Don't we have a handful of European members (besides Finestyle)? You could always hook up with them for some late gaming, etc. A few of us American gamers are also on during the mornings and whatnot (late afternoon to evening for Europeans), so you can usually find a few of us on the TS3 server and see if we're willing to play with you.
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          Re: European communities like Tactical Gamer?

          If it means not taking out a whole armor colume with my deployed sunny due to lag I would be happy to team up on an closer server
          alas I am mainly active at night.

          Cobait server

          It would be nice to see if any other members are using the above server and helpful for an Officer from TG to 'allow', create an outfit name for it and to discuss any restrictions or requirements.

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