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Liked Space Engineers? How about Medieval Engineers!

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  • Liked Space Engineers? How about Medieval Engineers!

    Keen Software house just announced a new game they are working on based on their VRAGE engine that they've used in their other IP Space Engineers. It is called Medieval Engineers and it actually looks pretty interesting. It really reminds me of Minecraft and I am probably going to get it myself when it comes out for Steam Early Access. Here is the [link].

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    Re: Liked Space Engineers? How about Medieval Engineers!

    Interesting. Let's hope this doesn't lead to Keen dropping support and discontinuing development on Space Engineers in order to pursue more preorder cash with this game.

    Unlikely I suppose, as Space Engineers is popular enough that it will doubtlessly continue to sell for quite some time but... it's worth remembering that they left the Miner Wars community out to dry with unfulfilled promises and an unfinished game when they moved on to SE.

    Caution aside... I ******* love building castles. I hope some good comes of this (but not at the expense of SE).
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