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Windows 10 - Free upgrade for first year and gaming news!

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  • Windows 10 - Free upgrade for first year and gaming news!

    So it has been announced that Windows 10, scheduled to release late 2015, will be a free upgrade for existing users of Windows 7 and 8. The offer will be good for one year! After that the offer expires and there will be the usual associated costs with upgrading your OS.

    I've been watching some videos this morning on how Windows 10 will not only improve performance for games but also unify the gaming experience across multiple platforms for users. Some pretty cool innovations coming this year. The claimed performance boost of Direct X 12, which I've been following news on for the past year, may actually be about to become a reality.

    Windows 10 and DX12 claim to facilitate 'bare metal' access to things like the GPU which drastically improves performance. I watched a video showing the same demo being run on two identical hardware set ups. As the demo added graphical detail the Win 7 (I think) machine started to take a hit on FPS. The Win 10 machine appeared to be largely unaffected.

    The demo continued to add more and more detail until the Win 7 machine actually hit 0 fps lol. The Win 10 machine kept on going! It was pretty amazing.

    Anyway here are some general info videos to browse.

    Oh, there was some news about Holographic glasses that was interesting.

    I'll post more as I come across them. Looks like 2015 is going to a fantastic year for tech, if disastrous for my wallet!

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    Re: Windows 10 - Free upgrade for first year and gaming news!

    I watched the whole MS conference yesterday and I was just blown away. One of the big things that MS has finally seized upon, after literally decades of trying, is cross platform gaming.

    The whole idea of cross platform gaming has been hindered thus far by the disparity between PC players and console players being on different control schemes and different operating systems. Windows 10 will address both problems by integrating W10 into the XBONE, and the fact that XBONE controllers are already compatible with existing PCs. This means that if you're a console gamer who cant afford a PC, you can still play games with friends who are PC gamers but cant afford a console. Imagine the expanded potential this has for larger MMO titles like Planetside, Destiny, ESO, etc.

    Unfortunately, I think everyone in the Playstation camp is going to get the short end of the stick on this one. From a strictly business perspective, this marriage of PC and console has the potential to double the market for game releases on the XBOX side, which is going to make it very enticing to publishers to swing exclusives toward the larger (and more profitable) playerbase. So if Sony is going to want console exclusives to come their way anymore, theyre going to have to shell out serious capital to make it happen.


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      Re: Windows 10 - Free upgrade for first year and gaming news!

      Ferris did you see the DirectX stuff. 50% performance boost!!!!!


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        Re: Windows 10 - Free upgrade for first year and gaming news!

        I really wanna upgrade to Windows 10, mostly because it has DirectX 12. I am guessing, though, that to get those speed boosts games are going to have to be natively programmed with DX12 or re-jiggered with it.

        [Whole spiel about the world needing to upgrade removed]

        Here is my question though for people in the technical preview program, does the Win10 preview have the same drivers as 8.1? I was going to reinstall my Win 8.1 setup(nothing wrong, just too much crap stuffing up my drives), but if the preview is decent enough, I was thinking of trying it out.

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          Re: Windows 10 - Free upgrade for first year and gaming news!

          Correct me if I am wrong Ferris, but isn't the cross-platform thing just a streaming system? i.e. you still need an Xbone to play Xbone games, but you can now stream the game to your PC while it is running on your Xbone (and vice-versa for PC games).

          As long as Win10 isn't going to try to pretend that my PC is a tablet like Win8, I'm down for it. This free upgrade for the first year will be good all around as well. People can hold off on upgrading if Win10 falls flat out of the gates, people building systems now don't have to worry about buying a soon-to-be-replaced OS, money is saved for those looking to upgrade, and from the MS point of view it will consolidate a lot of the userbase on to one OS. (Win7 afaik is still the most popular OS running)

          I was a little surprised by the hologram stuff as well. Apparently it's already functional, did a hands-on, Project HoloLens: Our Exclusive Hands-On With Microsoft's Holographic Goggles | WIRED and it is expected to be in developer's hands in early 2015. Hopefully it doesn't turn out to be another Kinect.
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            Re: Windows 10 - Free upgrade for first year and gaming news!

            I'm happy that MS is finally embracing cross-platforming. Hopefully they'll keep expanding on that embrace to cover more than just gaming and mobile-to-PC-to-mobile apps. And for that matter, hopefully better integration and experience too, 'cus it looks to be streaming-based right now.

            On the plus side, I get to save another $400 or so with that free upgrade for my Windows 8 desktops and laptop. :)
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